Ripped Jeans for the ss2016


Ripped jeans with red high heels or sneakers for two different sexy looks; I love this outfit, a trendy style for the new ss2016 fashion season. Do you like them? What’s your favourite accessory for them? I think their perfect outfit combination is with a sexy crop top Red saturday night Pics by @lady_pam_ #sushi […]

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Work outfit: heels and yoga pants today!

yoga pants must have ss2016 for work outfit

Yoga pants and high heels for my work outfit today! I love professional looks and outfits, with high-wasted skirts or yoga pants combined with a crop lace top under a white shirt. As you can see in this post, today I wanted to wear something a little bit unconventional in my look, using very high sexy […]

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Outfit Primavera 2016: leggings e gambe in primo piano


Finalmente è tornata la primavera; per me che sono particolarmente freddolosa è davvero un momento di rinascita! Come ogni anno la prima idea che mi passa per la testa è di rinnovare il guardaroba, darmi allo shopping e cambiare look! Come primo outfitper questa Primavera 2016 vi propongo uno stile sportivo che, modificando soltanto qualche […]

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My favourite sexy heels on Shoespie !

12341235_785982794881501_8141313052721932646_n (1)

I have always thought that feet are the most sensual and feminine side of a woman’s body, a part to care for and keep, symbols of femininity and sexuality. Precisely for this reason I have always been careful to choose shoes suitable to my way of being fashionable, heels that express all my personality according to the events. So I tried […]

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SWIG Hip Flasks

swig flask

Summer is over, it has been one of the most exciting of my life! During my vacations I used a new beautiful accessory: a classy Hip Flask, made by a UK’s hip flasks brand called SWIG. I really love their products, they are so cool! Every metal bottle has a stunning packaging design, an exclusive tissue or leather cover and a unique […]

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Creamy Party


Delicious Party decorations for my little cousin’s party. Love the creamy colors of the details and all the atmosphere was so sweet! What do you think about it?

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BAGaholic with love! Buy your Handbag on

Shopping tour on

Ok. I am officially obsessed with Handbags! As we are all aware, bags play an essential role in women’s daily lives… I have always said that my bag is “me”, is my personality… “My bag is the mirror of my myself”! I was recentely looking on the web for something nice to buy when I discovered a great […]

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